P.A.T. Auto Transport is a locally owned and operated car hauling business located in Pensacola, Florida. We have been servicing the continental United States for over 10 years. We take pride in providing quick, reliable transport for each of our customers.

Please take a minute to learn about our employees so we can further assist you.

Owners: Greg Hedges, Tracie Hedges

Greg’s knowledge of car hauling and trucks complemented by Tracie’s office management skills have paved the way for P.A.T.’s consistent, dependable transport.

Dispatchers: Brad Hedges, Gregory Hedges

Our dispatchers work continuously to satisfy each and every one of our customers and ensure our trucks are always moving in a timely manner. They take pride in the working with the significant customer base we have built over the years.

Billing and Accounts Receivable: Regina Davis

Any questions regarding invoices, payments, or credits will be answered promptly by this department.

Secretary: Robbin Hand

Our secretary is exceedingly knowledgeable of the company and works in many different aspects of the business.

Safety and Maintenance: Stan Warren, Kimberly Forret

Our safety department maintains a healthy and accurate schedule of servicing our trucks to guarantee dependable transport. In the unlikely event that a problem arises, our Safety and Maintenance Department provides top quality customer service and quick actions to have the problem solved.

Accounts Payable: Tracie Hedges

Tracie, our co-owner, handles all outgoing payments.

IT/Networking: Brett Cowan

Brett built and maintains a reliable computer network throughout the office providing uninterrupted communication between employees allowing them to work at peak performance.

Outside Sales: Laura Dunn

Our outside sales consultant Laura works auctions such as Manheim Orlando, Central Florida, West Palm, and Daytona to facilitate transactions with customers. She can be reached by email and/or cell phone in order to answer any questions our customers may have.